Maison Baldwin House 

Job Description 

Maison Baldwin House is a non profit organization who has been helping women who are escaping from domestic violence households. Our house provides a safe environment for women who are unsafe to stay in their own homes. Our mission is to assist women and their children in the transition from violent and abusive circumstances to a safe and secure environment and a renewed family by providing safe shelter services, and encouraging them to realize their full human potential.


  • 18+

  • Interview

  • Life Experience

  • Police Check

  • Application

  • Complete Process

Volunteer Jobs

+ Food & Grocery Shopping

Purpose of Position: To shop for Masion Baldwin House food supplies using gifts using gift cards as well as stock the fridge and freezers with items that we currently have in the house.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position

  • Report to supervisor prior to beginning shift to receive briefing information;
  • Check inventory levels to determine what supplies are needed;
  • Rotate inventory as it is being replenished;
  • Report any discrepancies in the inventory;
  • Using grocery list check it against items in stock.
  • Purchase groceries weekly, and bring back to Baldwin House and put away;
  • Report back to supervisor at end of shift with list of tasks completed;

+ Linen & House

Purpose of Position: To organize and stock the linen closet with bed lines, towels, hygiene products ect. Stock kitchen pantry with non perishables and organize pantry room basement by sorting items by date.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position

  • Organize, rotation, upkeep of stock in pantry as well as bed linens in the linen closet,
  • Also organization of any linen supplies that come in from donations;
  • Personal health care supplies kept organized in bins; for women, children and infants;
  • Restock all hygiene bags as needed and stock bins as needed in linen closet;

+ Childcare

Purpose of Position: To provide positive, creative childcare activities for the children of residents.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Report to Supervisor prior to beginning of shift to receive briefing information;
  • Meet with mothers of children prior to involvement in child care to gather relevant information on the children’s needs and interest;
  • Fill out appropriate forms for the day and give a copy to staff on duty and coordinator.
  • Accompany children to activities off Maison Baldwin House property, with permission from mother.
  • Organize creative activities to occupy children within Maison Baldwin House;
  • Debrief with supervisor prior to leaving.

+ Clerical

Purpose of Position: To provide support to busy staff by completing clerical tasks such as data entry, filing, photocopying, collating, record keeping, answering the phone, tabulating information and yearend inventory.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Check with supervisor to verify tasks for the day;
  • Complete tasks as directed; typing up community thank you letters, researching correct address using the internet, shredding past documents (when needed);
  • Report to supervisor at completion of shift, providing a list of tasks completed;

+ Resource Room & Boutique

Purpose for Position: To organize and maintain structure with in-kind donations for both our Resource Room and our Boutique. All donations must be sorted through and stow at all items in its assigned location in the resource room and/or boutique.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Label (size etc.), organize and store items nearly in area provided;
  • Under the direction of supervisor, approach organizations to invite donations that are in short supply; and
  • Sort and put away new donations for house stock,
  • Sort and put away old donations as needed for house,
  • Lander clothing as needed.

+ Indoor/Outdoor Property Maintenance

Purpose of Position: To assist in the upkeep of the shelter indoor and outdoor. Perform maintenance task which would require using power tools and heights and dexterity.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Check with shift supervisor;
  • To provide property outdoor maintenance as required by residential manager;
  • Maintenance of the lawn, hedges, parking lot, play-area;
  • Seasonal maintenance, raking leaves, shoveling snow, decorate trees for Christmas;
  • To secure quotes for work to be done if necessary;

+ Driver

Purpose of Position: To provide transportation to agency clients for whom public and other forms of transportation are inaccessible or inappropriate.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Provide transportation for clients in the volunteer’s own vehicle without exception of remuneration other than the reimbursement for mileage as a specified by agency policy;
  • Escort the client to and from the agency and the appointment/activity, and pick up client at an appointment place and time when needed;
  • Inform the agency, within five working days, of any charge, ticket, serious driving or criminal offense;
  • Maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality regarding any information encountered while volunteering about clients or agency business; and
  • Complete all forms in a timely manner and forward them to the Volunteer Coordinator according to specific schedule;

+ Fundraiser and Public Education Volunteer (Support)

Purpose of Position: To assist the Volunteer Coordinator and Public Educator with fundraisers and PR during community functions and events. Have a presence alongside the Pub Ed at fairs, display booths in local shopping centers and grocery stores and assisting in United Way events as they support our agency.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Comfortable in sitting and standing for long periods of time;
  • Dealing with the public and answering questions relevant to our shelter and our services;
  • Assist the Volunteer Coordinator in volunteer recruitment events and fairs;
  • Educate the public on violence with women and children;

+ Life Skills Volunteer

Purpose of Position: To assist staff in the provision of life skills activities by organizing and implementing pre-scheduled programs in general life skills such as meal planning/cooking/baking, recreation and financing.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Meet with supervisory staff member to plan life skills activity;
  • Identify materials required, verify whether or not these are available at Maison Baldwin House and arrange and purchase if required.
  • Set up life skills activity location on predetermined day and time;
  • Welcome life skills activity participants;
  • Facilitate activity;
  • Remind participants of upcoming activities; and
  • Write a brief summary of activity and participant involvement for supervisor staff member;

+ Recreational Volunteer

Purpose of Position: To spend time with the residents by doing activities such as Arts and Crafts Jewelry Making, short walks and baking or other creative and social activities which encourage and empowers our women at the shelter.

Note: This is not a counseling position but a social and recreational position.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Social visits with residents once a week while entertaining an activity that includes the women in our shelter.
  • Offer to take resident or several for short walks.
  • Baking deserts with the residents.
  • Arts and Crafts, Jewelry Making or other artistic activities held at our shelter for the residents.
  • Playing cards, board games or simply sitting down with a resident to have coffee and socialize.

+ Weekly Cook

Purpose of Position: To cook meals which can be frozen and store for future meals for our residents using items and ingredients that we have in-house.

Responsibilities-Specific for this Position:

  • Successfully complete the Food Safety Health Exam provided EOHU;
  • Report to supervisor prior to beginning shift to receive briefing information;
  • Check inventory levels to determine what supplies are needed in the fridge and pantry;
  • Rotate inventory as it is being replenished;
  • Cook healthy meals using tasteful ingredients;
  • Report back to supervisor at end with list of tasks completed.

Additional Information

The reason Baldwin House needs volunteers is due to there is not enough staff to manage tasks for the amount of clients they have. We are a non-profit organization; we also take donations so even if you have no time to volunteer, donations really help us keep our agency running. On site we have 1 councilor so if it wasn’t for our volunteers the workload would be too much.


There is a process of providing a criminal check, application, and interview and also some life experience is an asset. The reason we prefer someone with life experience because they already understand struggles, responsibility and it builds on maturity levels of awareness.