Big Brothers & Big Sisters 

Job Description 

Big Brothers & Big Sisters is Canada’s leading child and youth charity, we facilitate life changing relationships that inspire and empower children and youth so they can reach their full potentials, both as individuals and citizens of society. What we ask of our volunteers is to share a few hours each week as a friend to a child and be their mentor.

Our Vision at Big Brothers &Big Sisters we believe that every child in Canada, who needs a mentor, has a mentor. Our Mission is, to assist children in primarily lone parent families in Cornwall and SD&G., to achieve their full potential through mentoring programs with caring, responsible adult volunteers.

We would like to invite anyone who is willing to be a Big Brother or Big Sister for the sole purpose of teaching and being a good role model for the young child and youth. We have many different sectors on what you can do once you volunteer.

If you would like to help out a child who needs a positive mentor then please feel free to contact Vanessa Rabideau at 613-933-8035 or by email at or stop by the office at 101 Third Stree West, Cornwall Ontario, K6J 2N9. For additional personnel you may contact Danielle Brisson who is our case worker at Big Brothers &Big Sisters at, 613-933-8035 or by email at,

Being a Big Brother or a Big Sister is very rewarding for both the mentor and as for the child and youth. Without positive role models in children’s lives, then what chance do they have on becoming respectful, happy and healthy individuals in society? Remember children are our future and the only way we can ensure that our future will be a safe and better place, is by reaching out to our young so they can improve our world.

Dates Required: From: January To: December


  • Application

  • Orientation/Pre-Match Training

  • Final Interview

  • References

  • Criminal Check

Agency Contact:
Vanessa Rabideau
Cornwall Ontario

Volunteer Jobs

+ Traditional Big Brother/Big Sister (ages 6-16):

A few hours once a week for a one on one outing with your Little. Must be able to commit for a 1 year term.

+ Big Bunch (ages 6-16)

Volunteer in a group activity twice per month as a team with children on our waiting list (2 volunteers/2 to 5 children). Participate in the recreational events planned by our Recreational Committee or the team can plan an event that of their own.

+ Big for a Day (ages 6-16)

A volunteer can spend a few hours of their time accompanying a child on our waiting list to an outing. Outings are organized once a month by our Recreational Committee. A child will be assigned to you for the event that you register for.

+ Couples for Kids (ages 6-16)

You and your spouse volunteer together once a week for a few hours with your Little. The tree of you can decide together what to do.

+ In School Mentoring (ISM) (Gr. 1-Gr. 8)

Program operated in local elementary schools. Volunteer mentor meets with a Mentee (student) on school property, at the same time once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

+ Go Girls! (ages 10-14)

A mentoring program designed to promote physical activity, healthy eating and positive self-image in young girls. 8 girls participating per session. Incorporates fun, educational and relationship building activities. Runs after school, 1 day a week for 2 hours for 7 weeks.

+ Game On (ages 10-14)

A mentoring program designed to promote and inform boys to make healthy lifestyle choices. Based on 4 themes: physical activity, healthy eating, communication skills and self-esteem. Runs after school, 1 day a week, for 75 minutes for 7 weeks.

Additional Information

The local agency of Big Brothers and Big Sisters is continually seeking for more Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers who are willing to share a few hours each week as a friend to a child and Mentors. Originally the agency was called Bog Brothers of Cornwall in 1973. It wasn’t until in February 1984 when they changed it to Big Brothers and Big Sisters because the service was also provided to girls.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a charitable organization dedicated into helping children growing up in lone parent families to achieve their full potential.

There is a great need for more Big Brothers and Big Sisters in our agency. We have nearly 131 names on the waiting list. In recent years there has been a decline in volunteer efforts which has affected many community agencies. Boys are in more need for Big Brothers, the current waiting list of 3-5 years and it must be reduced.


There is a process before volunteering. Anyone who comes in and wants to volunteer will be given a package about the volunteer opportunities. There are 6 steps you must complete before becoming a volunteer.

Step 1: Application Form
Step 2: References (4)
Step 3: Orientation (Child Safety)
Step 4: Police Check
Step 5: Final Interview
Step 6: Screening Test (Final Review)