How do you know when it is time to give in to the “I hate my job”?

Finding it hard to be motivated to get up to go to work?

  • Constantly complaining to coworkers?

  • Bashing your company, your position or your manager?

  • Making excuses about why you stay in your job even though you hate it?

If you have answered yes to these questions then it may be time to change careers.  It is amazing how the feeling of anger hate and uneasiness can impact not only your work life but your mental health and home life as well.  This is not something to be taken lightly.  Did you know… (Taken from

The most common reasons people gave for changing career paths were discovering a new field they were passionate about (35 per cent), becoming bored/disillusioned with their original work (24 per cent), and setbacks such as lack of advancement and /or cutbacks, layoffs in a career path (19 per cent).

Most Canadians don’t think they will stay in the same vocation for their entire career. In a survey of over 1,000 people, nearly three quarters (73 per cent) said that they do not expect to remain in the same profession for life.

 Knowing that a job – even a profession – isn’t permanent should take some of the pressure off the decision making. It’s not so dire which job you take right now since your career will be made up of the many, many jobs you’ve held and paths you’ve followed over your working life.

So why do we stay?  Taking the next step in changing your career might just be what the doctor ordered if you are finding yourself truly unhappy in your employment.  Take charge, take care, take credit for yourself and make the change.  Money is not always the answer to happiness.  If you are not happy think about the people around you and ask yourself: Does my complaining, lack of motivation, ambition, enthusiasm impact the people around me? Of course it does so take action and do something about it! Quit Complaining and take charge of you! 

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