Internet Café Opens

January 2016! New Year, new ideas! We have an internet café opening at GIAG Employment Services! Our reception is moved to the west side of the building and it turns out to be the perfect venue for a café so why not make it an internet café?! Floor to ceiling windows, terra cotta floors, leather arm chairs and laptops, perfect set up to make this the go-to place for job searching. When you’re feeling down and out and just like giving up why not settle down with other job seekers in a comfy spot with a coffee and start searching. Of course it’s also the perfect chance to network; if you know us even a little bit you know that “network” is our mantra! Proven best way to find a job! 

While you’re here we may be able to help with resume design, interview techniques and all the other job search stuff we have in our tool box. Maybe time for a Second Career? We can help there too.  The best part is US becoming part of YOUR network. How handy is that considering  that four of our staff are on the road finding job openings constantly?

Oh, and did I mention: if you are doing online courses we have a spot for you? We are setting aside 6 computers you can reserve to make sure you get up and out the door and get your courses done.  A separate space away from the entrance is set aside for online students; reserve your space now.

So come in to see us, bring your own laptop or borrow one of ours and find out just how much we can encourage you in your job search. We always have something up our sleeve to help you out so don’t miss the chance to get to know us.