Employer?.. Employeur?

….We will:

  • post job openings online

  • screen candidates for your needs 

  • provide interview space and assistance 

  • support laid off employees

  • provide government information

  • provide placement subsidies for qualifying employers, eligible job seekers and/or apprentices

  • organize Job Fairs


    Vous avez un poste à remplir? Téléphonez-nous!

  • Nous afficherons l'offre d'emploi en ligne

  • Les demandes d'emploi seront triées selon vos besoins

  • Bureaux disponibles pour des entrevues

  • Conseils pour entrevue

  • Soutien pour employés lors de mise à pieds

  • Ressources communautaires,  du gouvernement provincial et fédéral et des lois du travail

  • Subventions pour l'emploi et pour des placements, si éligible

  • Planification de foire d'emploi et d'événement de réseautage d'affaires.



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….Contact Sigrun, Job Developer, to apply and develop your workforce and business.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) gives businesses funding to help train workers.  No one knows better than you what skills your team needs to succeed. You choose the workers and the training.


Profitez de la subvention Canada-Ontario pour l'emploi. Celle-ci vous permettra financièrement d'investir dans le développement professionnel de vos employés.



+ How much funding can I get?

The GRANT will fund, on average, two-thirds of eligible training costs, to a maximum of $10, 000. This includes tuition, fees, textbooks, materials, and travel costs. YOU contribute the remaining costs, and employ the worker you train.

+ Who provides the training?

You can select any appropriate training offered by eligible third-party trainers.

+ Is any business eligible for funding?

Individual businesses and organizations can apply. Broader public sector organizations or COJG service providers are not eligible.

+ What are the requirements?

Your business must: Contribute at least one-third of training costs, employ the worker being trained, be licensed to operate in Ontario, have insurance, and comply with labour and human rights legislation. The training and job must also be in Ontario.

+ Who can get training?

Workers must: have an employer to sponsor them, live in Ontario, be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or protected person, and not be already in full-time education or training.

If you want to hire and train through the Grant, we can help you connect with workers seeking jobs.

+ Why should I train my workers?

Training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale. The Canadian Appreticeship Forum tells us that, on average, a $1 investment in training returns a benefit to the employer of $1.38. If you want to give your business the benefits of workplace training, this grant is for you.