GIAG Employment Services - Seniors Program

Job Description 

Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SD&G is a safe, fun and supervised place where children of all cultural and economical backgrounds, can participate in social, recreational and educational programs that are designed to help children grow, and have personal development and reach their full potential. We try everything in our power to help children reach their full potential and skills to fulfill their personal dreams in life. Sadly not all children see the potential within themselves.

Our mission here at Boys & Girls Club is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. We also have Core Values and which guides us to work with children, youth, families and communities.  These Core Values are the standard by which all Boys and Girls Club services are measured.


  • Police Check

  • Interview

  • References

  • 14+

  • Application

  • Full Class G License

  • Resume

Agency Information

Agency Contact: Monica Ahrens
Location: Alexandria Ontario
Phone: 613-525-1533 ext. 232

Dates Required: From January to December

Volunteer Jobs

+ Day Helper

Assisting seniors with daily schedule activities that are done throughout seniors’ day program. The programs include intellectual, physical, or social/emotional types of leisure activities.

Additional Information:


  • Patience, compassion, flexibility, good listening skills, and the ability to provide TLC are required
  • Enjoy being in the company of seniors and the wealth of wisdom they offer.
  • You are someone who enjoys laughter, and having fun in a group setting.
  • You are able to provide a senior with cueing and extra assistance during activities to empower them succeeding and increase their self-esteem.

Time Commitment: Up to 5 hours per week/month depending on need and your availability. If you can only provide 1-2 hours, or full day with us, no amount of assistance is too little.


  • You receive a hot meal at lunch.
  • Paid for mileage
  • Attend fun outings
  • Provided with opportunities to socialize and enhance the life of a senior
  • Receive lots of praise, respect, and compassion for your generosity of time to this crucial community program.
  • References and letters of recommendation will also be provided to you if you are someone seeking employment.


The process of becoming a volunteer is:

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Policy Agreements
  • Police Check
  • Proof of full license

+ Meal Assistant

Here at GIAG Employment Services of Ontario we have a seniors program which is a rewarding experience when it comes to volunteering. We are looking for individuals who want to give back to the community and help us give the seniors a wonderful experience. You can start volunteering with us at 14 years of age, students who are looking for placement, co-op hours and anyone who is either retired or also who are working.

The seniors program is important to have because it gives the seniors an opportunity to have social interaction. We are looking for meal assistants who are willing to help with a few tasks they are:

  • Setting Tables
  • Serving Meals
  • Picking up tableware after lunch
  • Assisting with dishes
  • Tidying up kitchen area

If you are interested in helping with the seniors’ meals preparation, then you may contact Monica Ahrens who is the supervisor of the seniors program at 613-525-1533 ext. 232, or by email at You may also stop by the office best day would be Tuesdays and Thursdays, due to the fact she is away Wednesday s and Fridays with the seniors. She will provide you with a package about the different opportunities within the program. We are located at 3525 County Road 34, Alexandria Ontario K0C 1A0 (Note: we are located in the speedy transport building. Another way to find out more about services is you can visit our website. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

+ Driver

Drivers play an important role in our program when it comes to volunteering with the seniors program. Drivers are to ensure that our clients get picked up from home and brought to the program safely; also picking them up after the program and get home safely. We have a seniors program every Wednesday and Friday, on Wednesdays we are in Alexandria and on Fridays we are in Lancaster. Being a volunteer driver has some advantages, such as being able to interact with the seniors before drop off and also your mileage will be paid for the complete round trip (from home to and return).

Duties of being a volunteer driver are:

  • Drive seniors to and from program
  • Drop off at 10:00am and pick up at 3:00pm

To qualify for being a volunteer driver is you need to have a few things, such as have patience, compassion, flexibility, good listening skills and the ability to provide some TLC to our clients. We also ask that you have a full class G license but you have to be under the age of 80.

Additional Information

If this job for volunteering with seniors program interests you then feel free to contact Monica Ahrens at 163-525-1533 at extension 232. You can also reach her by email at or stop in the office we are located at 3525 County Road 34, Alexandria Ontario K0C 1A0. Note that we are located in the speedy transport building. If you would like to be a volunteer driver for the seniors program you are more than welcome. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.