Glengarry Pioneer Museum

Job Description 

The Glengarry Pioneer Museum first opened in 1962. The museum consists of nineteenth century layouts, such as log heritage buildings and artifacts. A lot of history is to learn through the museum it is a good layout on how times were in the nineteenth century. Volunteers are the key to the success of the Glengarry Pioneer Museum.

Dates Required: May to October


  • Computer Skills

  • Bilingual

  • Event Planner

Dunvegan Ontario

Positions that we need to fill in the Season

  • Maintenance Chairperson

  • Tour Guide/Greeter

  • Events Volunteer

Please note that volunteer commitment is based on your availability, it does not mean that volunteers are tied to the museum for life. Don't be afraid of getting "locked in"! On average, the above volunteer opportunities may take 4 - 6 hours per month, some of which may include meetings. If you are interested in any of these, or would like further information, please contact the museum:

Maintenance Chairperson

This position is an organizational position which involves the assessment of needed projects and their completion. The main function is to ensure that budgeted maintenance jobs are organized and appropriate volunteers or contractors are called upon. Tasks include:

  • Ensure safety and security of museum’s premises and reports maintenance problems to the Board;

  • Recruit and schedule any necessary staff or volunteers to complete tasks.

  • Hire necessary contractors to fill tasks that cannot be completed by volunteers or staff.

  • Ensure the necessary materials are readily available for any repairs or cleaning.

Additional Information

Volunteers are key to the success of the Glengarry Pioneer Museum; without them, this museum would not be where it is today.

Volunteer opportunities exist in:

  • Event planning / management

  • School programs

  • Research

  • Exhibits

  • Collections management

  • Administration & visitor services


For those who want to volunteer they can email or call Jennifer Black at the museum, there is pdf form on the website under “Volunteer” tab where people can fill in their availability and interests.