Maison Interlude 

Job Description 

Maison Interlude is an agency who has put together a safe place for women who are escaping homes that contain Domestic Violence. Our mission at this agency is we believe that in order to effectively address the various needs of women victims of violence, we need to adopt a community-based, holistic and concerted approach to service delivery.

MIH’s intervention philosophy is based on a feminist analysis of violence against women and promotes equality between women and men. Violence against women is not a problem restricted to the private sphere, but rather a major social problem that threatens all women.

The two main volunteer jobs are transportation and childcare. We need women only, to volunteer for this agency due to the context of our agency. We need volunteers who have a valid driver’s licence to:

  • Drive clients to and from appointments with our workers, lawyer appointments, to group and as well as court dates.

For women who want to volunteer for the childcare sector we are partner shipped with the Early Years Centre and Maison de la Famille Centres throughout 5 counties, which are Prescott, Russell, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Volunteers will provide childcare to the nearest Early Years Centre while mother is away for her appointment.

If you want to make a difference in helping these women get a good start after leaving a hostile environment please feel free to contact our agency at , 613-525-5338 and ask to speak to Celine Bussiere. Due to the context of our agency we shall only provide our location address after we schedule a meeting. Thank you.

Dates Required: From September to April


  • Police Check

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Drivers License

  • 2 References

  • Resume

  • Woman Only

Agency Contact: Celine Bussiere

Location: Alexandria Ontario

Phone: 613-525-5338

Two main volunteer jobs are transportation and childcare. Volunteers will drive clients to and from appointments with our workers, lawyer appointments, to group as well as court dates.

There is also childcare component in partnership with the Early Years and Maison de la Famille centres throughout the 5 counties (Prescott, Russell, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry). Volunteers will provide childcare at the nearest early years centre while the mother is in her appointment.

Maison Interlude needs volunteers for 2 reasons:

With the exception of Cornwall, public transportation is not an option in most counties that we service. In effect, women who don’t possess a valid driver’s license or vehicle would miss important appointments. Lack of transportation and or childcare was something that hindered a woman’s ability to access our services.

Unfortunately even in 2015, domestic violence is still on the rise. Our agency needs volunteers because we are growing. We are multipurpose agency; we continue to offer new programs. Alone, in the past year, we created a self-esteem group that is now offered in both English and French. We also have a pilot project this year, the Christmas room, where mothers can come and have access to toy donations for their children who don’t have the means to celebrate Christmas. Volunteers will be providing transportation from all 5 counties to this location (Alexandria) as well as helping mothers and children wrap presents.

Additional Information

This runs all year round. We essentially run the same as the academic school year. During the summer is quieter but once September starts, group sessions begin in both English and French on different days which mean a lot of our volunteers are on the road. This is when we are the busiest and groups restart in the spring for a second time.


There is an interview stage to get a general idea of the women’s value and beliefs and see if it is a good match. Following this interview there is a mandatory training session that covers the agency’s history, services, overview on domestic violence as well as the policies and procedures regarding transportation and childcare. There are no applications we usually get phone calls and the volunteer coordinator screens them over the phone and schedules a date and time for a face to face interview.