Parisien Manor

Job Description 

Parisien Manor’s strength is in our commitment to provide the highest quality of service available. The cornerstone of every element you will find here is focused on the privilege of caring for friends we have come to know.

Volunteers will be asked to organize activities and programs. Such as assisting hair dresser with portering, socializing with residents, assisting with portering and set-up for rosary (church services) and setting tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Volunteer Jobs

  • Hair Dressing

  • Talk with residents

  • Rosary (church services)

  • Setting Tables for meals.

Dates Required: January to December


  • Criminal Check

  • Health & Safety

Agency Contact:
Jessica Valade
Cornwall Ontario

At Parisien Manor we live by our mission that “Within the warmth of our home, we provide compassionate care with love, innovation and skill” The skilled and experienced staff of Parisien Manor is a dedicated team of professionals, committed to ensuring the physical wellbeing of each resident while preserving the respect and honor they have earned. The enhancement of the human spirit and the safeguarding of each individual's dignity and independence are foremost in our hearts. If you would like to make a difference in helping out seniors and give them comfort during the changes they have to make due to their abilities, then this is the place for you. Any further question you may feel free to contact Jessica Valade at (613) 933-2592, email at  or visit their website at  or you can even stop by the office at 439 second street east Cornwall ON, K6H 1Z2. Thank You.

Additional Information

All ages and genders are welcome to become a volunteer. It is all year, the reason why we need volunteers is because some residents do not have family who come visit and they need one on one time it really makes a difference in their day. For more information you can access our website or look for adds in the local newspaper. You can also ask to speak too Cindy Ingram-Lloyd if Jessica Valade is unavailable.


There is an application form online or at the office and there will be an interview screening process. The purpose for the screening process is so we can find a match for you when you start to volunteer.