SD&G Developmental Services 

Job Description 

SD&G Developmental Services has been an active service in our community and have helped many families provide support for their children’s development. Our mission at our agency is to provide specialized supports to help our clients reach their potential, education to the community at large to promote social inclusion and services and information in both English and French

Clients who qualify for our services are:

  • Children and adults who have an Intellectual Disability

  • Children (0-6) at risk of a developmental delay.

  • Eligible children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Eligible children with a physical disability

  • Families, caregivers, agencies and the general public within the counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, the city of Cornwall and Cornwall Island.

Our vision here at SD&G Developmental Services is providing quality family-centred services while promoting individuality.

We accept volunteers to our Board of Directors which is a 9 year commitment. For other purposes we have an as needed basis. As for example our agency has a room called The Snoezelen Room. For this room we need someone to help keep it clean and organized so every child using the room has a safe and positive experience. We also would like volunteers to help out with yard work on the property to keep it maintained.

If you are an individual who is big on cleanliness, organization and cub appeal then feel free to contact our agency atinfo@developmentalservices.ca, by phone 613-937-3072 or stop by the office at 775 Campbell Street Cornwall Ontario K6H 7B7. Thank you.


  • Criminal Check

  • 2 References

Dates Required: From: January To: December

Additional Information

Males, females, 18 years and older for field placements, 16 years and older for volunteer hours.

We accept volunteers to our Board of Directors which is a 9 year commitment. For other purposes we use volunteers on an as needed basis. For example, we need our Snoezelen room cleaned and organized and some yard work completed. We used students who needed their volunteer hours for those jobs.

Board of Directors, agency committees, some simple jobs that we don’t have staffing for and that are not part of our core staff’s duties. We would also love to have volunteers for fund raising since we have no current fund raising programs or staff.

They should contact via the information on our website.



All volunteers will be required to submit a criminal reference check with a vulnerable sector screening, two references and will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

We have an application process for our Board of Directors process and an interview as well, field placement students have an interview and application process, volunteers for other tasks just make contact at the above information.